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Просто просматривать и воспроизводить свой Smart TV с вашего смартфона!

  1. Cast To Lg Smart Tv

Download the LG Screen Share App. Ensure that the mobile device and your LG TV is on the same Wi-Fi network. If you do not have a wired or wireless network, see how to connect your devices via Wi-Fi-Direct™. Activate the smart share app opn your device. Follow the prompt from the app to connect your TV to your mobile. Just enter the PIN code displayed on the interface of the app on your LG TV to connect. Tier screen mirroring tool for you to cast Windows 10 to LG TV. Video & TV Cast LG Smart TV - HD Video Streaming. You can find it in the LG App Store (Smart World / LG Content Store) either in the entertaiment. Free Download For Windows PC.Download Video & TV Cast LG Smart TV - HD Video Streaming for PC/Laptop/Windows 7,8,10. We provide Video & TV Cast LG Smart TV - HD Video Streaming.

Версия5.0.5 (130)
Обновлено29 апр 2020 г. (1 год назад)
РазработчикLG Electronics, Inc.
КатегорияПриложения, Развлечения
Количество установок10 000 000+


With the LG TV Plus app, control your smart TV, view photos, and play videos and music from your phone on the big TV screen!
Broaden your Smart TV experience with the LG TV Plus app.
The remote control function enables you to operate the LG webOS TV.
Easily browse your photos, videos, and music on your smartphone from the LG TV Plus app and enjoy them on the big screen.
This app supports only LG webOS Smart TV released on and after 2014.
You can use LG TV Plus after pairing your TV and mobile device on the same Wi-Fi network.
[Supported Models]
'14 ~ ’20 webOS TV
'EC93xx', 'EC97xx', 'EC98xx', 'EF95xx', 'EF98xx', 'EG91xx', 'EG92xx', 'EG95xx',
'EG97xx', 'EG99xx', 'JL90xx', 'LB63xx', 'LB65xx', 'LB67xx', 'LB68xx', 'LB69xx',
'LB70xx', 'LB71xx', 'LB72xx', 'LB73xx', 'LB75xx', 'LB86xx', 'LB87xx', 'LC71xx',
'LF51xx', 'LF54xx', 'LF59xx', 'LF63xx', 'LF64xx', 'LF65xx', 'LF72xx', 'UB82xx',
'UB84xx', 'UB85xx', 'UB88xx', 'UB93xx', 'UB95xx', 'UB98xx', 'UC89xx', 'UC97xx',
'UC9x', 'UF63xx', 'UF64xx', 'UF67xx', 'UF68xx', 'UF69xx', 'UF77xx', 'UF83xx',
'UF84xx', 'UF85xx', 'UF86xx', 'UF87xx', 'UF93xx', 'UF94xx', 'UF95xx', 'UG73xx',
'UG87xx', 'UG88xx',
'G6', 'E6', 'C6', 'B6', 'UC9', 'UH98xx', 'UH96xx',
'UH95xx', 'UH93xx', 'UH92xx', 'UH88xx', 'UH87xx', 'UH86xx', 'UH85xx', 'UH84xx',
'UH79xx', 'UH77xx', 'UH76xx', 'UH75xx', 'UH74xx', 'UH68xx', 'UH66xx', 'UH65xx',
'UH64xx', 'UH63xx', 'UH62xx', 'UH61xx', 'UH60xx', 'UH55xx', 'UH10xx', 'LH66xx',
'LH63xx', 'LH60xx', 'LH59xx', 'LH58xx', 'LF63xx',
'LJ68xx', 'LJ64xx', 'LJ62xx', 'LJ61xx', 'LJ60xx', 'LJ57xx', 'LJ55xx', 'SJ95xx',
'SJ85xx', 'SJ80xx', 'SJ75xx', 'UJ98xx', 'UJ94xx', 'UJ88xx', 'UJ78xx', 'UJ77xx',
'UJ76xx', 'UJ75xx', 'UJ74xx', 'UJ72xx', 'UJ69xx', 'UJ68xx', 'UJ67xx', 'UJ66xx',
'UJ65xx', 'UJ64xx', 'UJ63xx', 'UJ62xx', 'UJ61xx', 'UJ60xx', 'US80xx', 'W7', 'W7S', 'G7', 'E7', 'C7', 'B7', 'EG9A7',
'B8x', 'C8', 'E8', 'G8', 'LK54xx', 'LK57xx', 'LK61xx', 'LK62xx',
'SK79xx', 'SK80xx', 'SK85xx', 'SK95xx', 'UK60xx', 'UK61xx', 'UK62xx', 'UK63xx', 'UK65xx', 'UK67xx', 'UK75xx', 'W8',
'B9', 'C9', 'E9', 'W9', 'Z9', 'R9',
'FK75xx', 'LM57xx', 'LM62xx', 'LM63xx', 'LM65xx', 'SM80xx', 'SM81xx', 'SM82xx', 'SM85xx', 'SM86xx', 'SM90xx', 'SM95xx', 'SM98xx', 'SM99xx', 'UM71xx', 'UM72xx', 'UM73xx', 'UM74xx', 'UM75xx', 'UM76xx', 'UM77xx',
'ZX', 'WX', 'GX', 'CX', 'BX', 'RX',
'UN89XX', UN85XX', 'UN81XX', 'UN80XX', 'UN78XX', 'UN74XX', 'UN73XX',
'UN72XX', 'UN71XX', 'UN70XX', 'LN56XX', 'UN69XX', 'LG73CN', 'NANO99X',
'NANO98', 'NANO97X', 'NANO96', 'NANO95X', 'NANO93', 'NANO91X',
'NANO90X', 'NANO86X', 'NANO85', 'NANO83', 'NANO81X', 'NANO80X'
'17 webOS miniBeam
'HF80Jx', 'HF85Jx', 'HF65Fx', 'HF60Hx', 'HU80Kx', 'PF1xxx', 'PF50Kx'
[Required permissions]
1) Mandatory app permissions
- Storage : Access photos, videos, music content on your device to display on the TV.
- Location : Mirror your smartphone screen to your TV. (Available from LG Smartphone(Android O or later))
2) Optional app permissions
- Calendar : Read calendar information on your device to display on the TV. (Available from 2016 webOS TV and above)
※ You can still use the service without giving the optional app permissions.
※ If you are using an Android version lower than 6.0, you may not be able to approve app permissions optionally. In the case, please contact the device manufacturer for update availability to Android 6.0 and above, and try again.

Что нового

- Add installation guidance for LG ThinQ
- Support webOS 5.0
- Fix bugs and stabilization

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Cast To Lg Smart Tv