Carpenters Songbook

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Carpenters songbook
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Local singer/songwriter Sophie Carpenter shared her mellifluous blend of blues, jazz, and ballads at the Sheldon Concert Hall, Tuesday, May 20, 2014. “Songbook from the Road” featured a selection of music from Sophie’s first four CD’s plus a few new tunes she is producing with Geoff Levin. In Sophie’s own words, what began as a summer adventure in 2005 has become a life’s journey.

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As Sophie recounts, “many of you know that for the past several years, I have been living off and on in an RV in Santa Cruz. During that time I recorded four CD’s of original songs, and I’m currently writing material for a fifth one.”

Carpenters songbook fringe
  • The Carpenters Complete Recording Resource Featuring the albums, the songs, and all the remixes and overdubs throughout the years.
  • Sophie Carpenter's Songbook From the Road at The Sheldon Concert Hall and Art Galleries benefiting at 6:30 PM Local singer/songwriter Sophie Carpenter shared her mellifluous blend of blues, jazz, and ballads at the Sheldon Concert Hall, Tuesday, May 20, 2014.
  • 14 classic Carpenters hits arranged for piano solo, including: Because We Are in Love (The Wedding Song). (They Long to Be) Close to You. For All We Know. I Won't Last a Day Without You. Merry Christmas, Darling. Rainy Days and Mondays. Superstar. There's a Kind of Hush (All Over the World). This Masquerade. World. We've Only Just Begun. Yesterday Once More. and more.
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“In July 2005, I set off for what I thought was going to be a summer long journey. The goal was to drive my RV to the west coast visiting friends along the way. I was going to keep a diary, which I did. I was also going to write songs. As expected, the best stories are in the songs.”


“While staying in an RV park near San Francisco, I was introduced by a mutual friend to a musician and songwriter, Marty Atkinson. He seemed to weave my melodies into gold with his beautiful guitar and mandolin arrangements.It was an amazing experience”

“Beach RV Park became my second home, and Marty and I produced three CD’s together. That was when I reconnected with an old friend, John Novello. I took piano lessons from him when I lived in LA in the 80s. We remained friends through the years, and when I needed piano for some of the songs Marty and I were working on, John was who I called. I was touched that after all that time, he knew me through my music.”

“I played the rough tracks for him, and he added just the right parts as though I had written them out, but I hadn’t. He felt what to play so easily. In 2011 we produced my CD, “Rebel Soul”, together. When I thought about doing a show in St. Louis, I asked John if he could take time off from his bands Niacin and The John Novello Trio to be my one man band. I knew his interpretation of my music would be perfect for a piano/vocal performance.”

“I mentioned that I am finishing up a fifth album. A year and a half ago, I met a good friend of John’s, Geoff Levin. He is an exceptional musician, composer and producer, also founding member of Celestial Navigations, a premier storytelling group.”


“I have to pinch myself sometimes to make sure I’m not dreaming. On the other hand, dreams are what make things happen, and when it feels right, it’s magical. There have been ups and downs, questions and answers, pushes and pulls, all the while breaking through old reliable limitations and finding new parts of myself as a writer. There’s a lot to be said for, and a lot of songs to be written about the moment when you know a wish is coming true. I am so happy that Geoff and I performed some songs from my newest CD, “No Room At The Inn”.

Carpenter Christmas Music

Sophie felt thrilled to return to St. Louis and even more excited to perform these songs in front of her fans inside the treasured Sheldon Concert Hall. She also expressed delight that Phoebe Elliot, Michele Isam, and Ralph Butler could accompany them on some of the ballads. From a soulful Beatles cover, “Blackbird”, sung in memory of her recently departed, beloved brother-in-law, Ivor David Balding, founder of Circus Flora, to the various haunting, introspective tunes spanning her four CD’s and new material, Sophie reminded us again that life has nothing to do with the destination but all about the journey.

Carpenters Christmas Portrait Sheet Music

Backstage with Sophie Carpenter, Michele Isam
John Novello warms up for the performance.
Joe McGrath, bass, Michele Isam, saxophone/vocals, Sophie Carpenter

Dave Torretta, Sophie Carpenter, Tim Albert
Wendy Lane
Cindy Curley, Ginny Stewart, Sarah Bakewell, Sheila Shelton, Tamra Raven

Bill Hauman, Charlie Claggett
Katie Claggett, Phoebe Elliot, Mary Ann McGarry
Patrick Bellinger, Sarah Griesedieck, Laura Guyton, Chris Hyams

Sean Thompson, Duncan Andrews, Lauren Andrews, Susan Waltke
Geoff Levin, Grace Collins
Duncan Andrews, Sophie Carpenter, Susan Waltke, Lauren Andrews

Bill Hauman, Sue and Pierce Powers
Gaye Goessling, Frances Burkham, Louise Oslicha
Frances and Scott Burkham

Susan Waltke, Hadley Key, John Key
Stacey Cassmeyer, Cate Ponder
Tommy Griesedieck, Laura Costello

Laura Dean, Susan Mertens McGrew promote sale of the CD’s.
Sarah Warner Dickerson, Rebecca Warner Dickenson
Ted Atwood, Mary Hayward

John Novello, pianist
Sophie Carpenter
Sophie Carpenter

Sophie Carpenter
John Novello

Sophie Carpenter
Sheldon Concert Hall crowd
A few chose a balcony view.

John Novello, Sophie Carpenter
Sophie Carpenter
John Novello, Sophie Carpenter

Brooke Costello, Sallie Mesker, Elizabeth Mesker
Tom Birkmeier, Louise Oslicha
Beth Hall, Andrew and Beth Wilson, Ron Sauget

Michael Carpenter, Joe Carpenter
Christie Murphy, Anne Shapleigh, Mary Hayward
Lisa McMullin, Rita Winters Carpenter and Joe Carpenter

Kina Shapleigh, Sarah Griesedieck, Bruce Freimuth, Libby Regan
Hadley Key, John Key, Martha Altvater
Rick Hermann, Sophie Carpenter

D.J. Moore, Anne Weber, Jane Walters
Laura Carpenter Balding, Sophie Carpenter, D.J. Moore, Dorothy Carpenter
John Novello, Sophie Carpenter during the second set

Sophie Carpenter
Sophie Carpenter with Phoebe Elliot, Michele Isam
Sophie Carpenter, Phoebe Elliot, Michele Isam sing a ballad.

Sophie Carpenter with Geoff Levin, guitar, Larry Smith, guitar, Michele Isam, saxophone
Sophie Carpenter backed by Geoff Levin, Larry Smith, Michele Isam
Sophie Carpenter with Ralph Butler, Geoff Levin, Joe McGrath, Michele Isam

Sophie Carpenter and friends
Sophie Carpenter with guest musicians Geoff Levin, Ralph Butler, Michele Isam, Joe McGrath
Sophie Carpenter backed by Geoff Levin, Ralph Butler, Michele Isam, Joe McGrath

Back to piano and vocals
D.J. Moore presents her daughter, Sophie Carpenter, with a floral bouquet.
John Novello shares a story behind the last song.

John Novello, Sophie Carpenter