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The most recent version combines Camtasia for Mac with features from Camtasia Studio for Windows, providing you with best-of-both-worlds tools for recording, editing, and sharing professional video. Join Chris Mattia as he shows how to create the best quality screen-capture, webcam, and mobile video with Camtasia 3 for Mac. So I have a Video and I also have a lot of GIFS to use in it, the last video that I made took me 2 days because I had to copy and Paste. Snagit Screen Capture & Screen Recorder Free Trial Buy. Camtasia 9 Stretch GIF to the end of the Video. Camtasia is an all-in-one screen recorder and video editor software that has been around for over 15 years with over 24 million users! It is a piece of software that is very useful for those creating video tutorials and screencasts. Then you do this again, and again, and again until your music track is as long as your video, finishing it off with a little crossfade to hide the cut. Five million hours later you've got a pretty decent loop of your desired music and all it cost you was a little bit of your soul.

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I know this topic seems off for a programming and technology web site, but as I'm sure many of you are aware, I've been doing a lot of programming videos recently, and with that, comes a learning curve, not just with constructing the videos, but with using the various software and tools.


Not that long ago, my wife was having a girl's night out, so I was at home with the twins. After I got them into bed, I figured I had enough time to run through a few Visual Studio Code tutorials. I managed to record four, but instead of using my regular setup, I decided to record from my Surface Pro 3.

Camtasia Stretch Videos

The problem I ran into (after recording all the videos) was that the aspect ratio for a full screen recording on the Surface Pro 3 isn't the same as my normal rig, and isn't the correct aspect ratio for a YouTube video. As a result, the videos that I created--when uploaded--had black bars on the left and right, giving it the type of look you'd have with a movie that wasn't shot in widescreen.

I wanted to make some adjustments to the video aspect ratio (within reason), but the Camtasia editing software I use, isn't so straightforward, and some of the documentation online isn't accurate due to different versions.

Camtasia Stretch Video

As it turns out, the fix is easier than you'd think.

After you've dragged the video onto the timeline so that it appears on the main canvas, simply hold the 'Shift' key down, hover over the edge you want to adjust, and drag it in the direction you want to go. For example, you can stretch your video by holding down the shift key, dragging the left side of the video farther left, and dragging the right side of the video farther right. This allows you to adjust the shape of the video despite the aspect ratio.

Now that doesn't mean you should always do it. Doing this will stretch--and possibly distort--your videos. You will have to see how much of it you can adjust within reason to keep the video looking high quality.

Adding hamstring stretches like the seated chair hamstring stretch to an exercise routine may help relieve some kinds of sciatica pain. This video illustrates how to do a seated chair hamstring stretch.

Video Transcript

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Let's come into a seated hamstring stretch.

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You're going to begin by sitting on the edge of the chair and stretching your right leg out in front of you. With your heel on the floor and your toes pointing back towards you.

If you are comfortable here you can stay here or if you'd like to take it a little bit deeper begin to fold yourself forward over your right leg keeping your spine long. Now you can have your hands at your waist or on your left leg for stability. But try and avoid pressing into your right leg.

We'll inhale to come out of this. And now choosing whichever variation feels best for you we'll do it again on both sides.

Camtasia Stretch Video

So let's start with our left leg this time, with your left heal out in front of you. Inhale and sit up tall, find that forward pelvic tilt and if you'd like to go deeper, we'll exhale and fold forward here.

You'll feel this stretch on the back of your hamstring and you may feel it through your calf as well. Keeping your spine straight, we'll inhale to come out of it and switch legs. Resting your right heel on the mat or on the floor. Inhale and as you exhale we'll pull forward with your torso framing that right leg.

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Let's take a look at how Carol's doing over here. She's choosing to stay in the seated posture. But she's still maintaining a tall spine here with her shoulders drawn away from her ears. Great job!