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Introduction: How to Draw a Female Body

Do you like to draw but you're not that good at it? Well I have news for you! In these instructions you will be able to draw the perfect human body. If you're lucky then I might also teach you how to draw some clothes on the body. Maybe a face and some hair! Ok I’m getting too carried away. Let's just call it how to draw a female body. So now let's get into it.

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  • The upper body, or torso, is certainly the most important anatomical part of the female figure; its extreme plasticity and shape make it an important protagonist in so many ways.
  • We will start our drawing of the female body from the torso. I like starting my drawings with the torso as this is the part that will dictate the position of the body of the character. With the torso in place, the rest of the body will go in easily. We will draw the torso using curved and straight lines.


Sketches Of Women Bodies




Manikin (optional)

A will to draw

Step 1: The Position

How To Draw A Realistic Female Body

Firstly lay out your paper and pick a position for your character. Use your manikin in this process if you have one. Take out your materials and start sketching out the base for your character. (Tip: try to use really light lines and the ruler!)

Step 2: The Body

Now that you have your base you need to lightly form the body parts on the lines. Also use that eraser of yours to erase the guidelines from the base sketch. (Tip: try to use curvy lines to form the limbs, because we don’t have straight lines to form our arms!)

Step 3: The Cloths

Lets get on with the clothes then shall we? For my clothes I will be drawing a sweater with some white jeans. We will be drawing lots of creases, so be prepared for lots of detail! So start with lightly going around the torso and arms slightly above the already existing lines of the arms and the torso. Now you want to erase your original lines for the arms and torso. Then draw the creases and folds in the sweater. Draw a logo or pattern on the sweater if you want! (Tip: never give up when you're drawing, it might seem frustrating sometimes but never ever give up!)

Step 4: The Cloths (Part 2)

Now time to make the jeans. Start with making the pockets by drawing two smiley faces on each hip. Then down both sides of each leg make a dotted line and do it on the inside of the leg too. Pick your choice of shoe, I’m going to do some long laced boots. So I'm going to make a line on the leg on how high I want to make the boots I will make my boots just under knee height, so now I am going to make that line that I created just a little longer, so now I will draw that line down to the feet and then make the boot by elongating the feet just a little bit. Add the sole of the boot and the toe and boom you got a boot. (Tip: this step was a long one but I know your drawing will turn out great!)

Step 5: The Face

Let's do the face. Start with two circles for the eyes, in between those two eyes put a nose, the shape of the nose is a slightly curved line with a < on the end of it. Add a mouth by making a simple mouth then erasing a slit in the middle. Now go back to the eyes inside them and draw a skinny Pac Man with a dot inside. (Tip: at the top of the skinny Pac Man ,when your coloring it, start dark at the top and make a gradient down to the bottom.)

Step 6: The Hair + a Bonus Step

Finally the last step ,hair. Lightly sketch out the hair line and what hair style, I’m going to do an over shoulder kind of look with a left side part. So start with a dip at the top of the head where the part goes up, and make a line down to the shoulder and do that for the other side as well but if you want to, you may only do it for one shoulder and I will show you how in a bonus step. But if you like the both shoulder thing then read the outro and goodbye! (Bonus Step: if you are that person that stuck around for the bonus step or you just want to see how to just in case you want to do it as well, anyway enough chit chat let's get on with it! Basically do the last step but don’t do the “do that for the on the other side as well” part you will do the following: make your line down to the shoulder. There you go pretty simple. This bonus step did not need to be this long. Anyways I hope you enjoyed, read the outro and goodbye!)

Step 7: Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed this instructables like and follow if you want. Comment what you thought of it and if I need to do anything to it to make it better. Thank you and I hope you had a great morning/afternoon/evening.


Happy arting!

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