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Check Autofill Settings. First of all, make sure you enabled the autofill option. I just started using lastpass 5 minutes ago. I am noticing that I currently have all my passwords saved through Google. Are people who start using Lastpass generally removing google autofill and going directly through Lastpass?


How do I enable and use autofill in the LastPass Password Manager app for iOS?

LastPass can automatically fill login credentials for various iOS apps and websites seamlessly.

To enable autofill on iOS 12 or later:

  1. On your iOS device, go to Settings > Passwords & Accounts > AutoFill Passwords.
  2. Toggle on the switch to enable the 'AutoFill Passwords' option.
  3. Tap LastPass to enable. It is also recommended to de-select 'Keychain' as leaving it selected will cause Keychain to be prioritized over LastPass when autofilling and generating new passwords, as well as storing new passwords.
  4. If prompted, verify your identity using Touch ID, Face ID, or PIN.
  5. That's it! You are now set up to use autofill with LastPass.

To use autofill within an app or mobile web browser on iOS 12 or later, do the following:

  1. Log in to the LastPass App on your iOS device.
  2. Open your desired app or navigate to your website's login screen on your mobile web browser.
  3. Tap anywhere within a login field, then tap to select your credentials that auto-populate in the QuickType bar. To select a different set of credentials, tap the in-field Password icon and select from the list displayed, or tap LastPass (at the bottom of the list) to be brought to your LastPass Vault and make your selection.
  4. If you have enabled Touch ID, Face ID, PIN, or Require Reprompt enabled, you will be prompted to verify your login.
  5. Once your credentials are filled, complete the login process to sign in.
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Autofill With Lastpass Free


Autofill Lastpass Safari

We carry our phones with us everywhere, so it’s important our favorite apps are available on-the-go. LastPass offers a great app for both Android and iOS users that lets you access all your passwords and other essential information wherever you need it.

Love the Android app already? Well we have some tips and tricks that we think you might have missed. Keep reading to make sure you’re getting the most out of your app.

1. Autofill mobile sites and apps

Typing in usernames and passwords on your phone is the worst. The tiny keyboard only makes it harder to type in those passwords you can’t remember anyway. For users on Android Oreo or newer operating systems, the LastPass app will autofill this information for you within mobile apps and sites. So make sure you’ve enabled autofill with the steps below:

Enabling and using Oreo autofill

Autofill with lastpass firefox
  • Open the LastPass app on your Android device.
  • Tap the menu button, then tap Settings at the bottom.
  • Open Autofill, and then the toggle next to Android Oreo Autofill. You’ll be asked to give permission to autofill, which you can accept.
  • On the next screen, click the radio button next to LastPass to enable the app for autofill.

2. Pay online quickly

If you need to fill out a credit card form online, the LastPass app can do that for you too. Don’t bother getting up to get your wallet. Keep your credit card information in LastPass and the app will fill it in for you on mobile or in your browser.

First, you need to create a payment card in your app or in your browser. Once you have entered you have saved that, you need to enable credit card filling.

In the LastPass app go to Settings > Autofill > Autofill credit cards. Once that setting is saved, the LastPass app will be able to fill in credit card information for you from your phone.

When you visit an app or site that requires a credit card. Simply click on the field to enter that information and LastPass will supply a drop down where you can select your credit card to be autofilled. If you have multiple cards, it will list all available options.

3. Generate secure passwords

Now that you have LastPass, you don’t have to remember your passwords. This means you can create really strong and unique ones for each account. Instead of trying to come up with one on your own, the best option is to use the password generator.

From the LastPass app, simply click the vault options icon (three horizontal lines) in the top left corner. Select Password Generator. The password generator lets you pick the length of password. And if you click “Settings” you can see even more options that allow you to choose what types of characters you want in your password or you can even make it a pronounceable password.

4. Save items to your vault directly from your camera roll

Take a picture of your driver’s license or insurance card and save it as a secure note. No need to email that photo to yourself and open it up on desktop.

First, create a secure note by tapping the plus button on the bottom right side of the LastPass app. Or you can edit an already existing secure note by selecting that note and hitting “Edit”. To add an attachment, tap “Attachments” in the bottom toolbar. To add an image, hit the Image icon. From there you can add a photo from your phone. You can also take a picture by tapping the Camera icon.

Also, another cool feature is you can save a voice recording by clicking the Speaker icon.

5. Use your favorite mobile browser

By default, when launching a site from the LastPass Android app the site will open in our internal LastPass browser. But you can use whatever browser you like best! Just got to Settings > Browser > Launch to, then select “Default browser”.

This will allow LastPass to launch the site to whatever the default browser on your phone is.

6. Regain access to your account

Autofill Lastpass Ios

Now, LastPass offers the ability to reset your master password from your Android app! See our detailed post about how and why to turn on account recovery on your Android, so you never lose access to your password vault.

So now you have the tips and tricks to take full advantage of the LastPass app. Let us know in the comments if you have any other favorite app features.