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STPeach is a game streamer and a vlogger, league of Legends being her greatest passions of late. The popular MOBA title is, however, not the only one she tried during her gaming career. Lisa also enjoys streaming CS: GO and Fortnite let’s plays, among others. STPeach is a great example of how someone can turn their passion into a profitable. AshonLoL streamed for 44 hours in the last 7 days, averaging 8,517 viewers and hitting a peak of 18,422 viewers 90 Day Growth avg viewers avg viewers followers views Week of Feb 8 Week of Feb 22 Week of Mar 8 Week of Mar 22 Week of Apr 5 Week of Apr 19 0 20k 40k 60k.


The Investigation of
Kendrick Johnson

Join the Ashes to Ash team as they look into the death of Kendrick Johnson.

On January 11, 2013, the body of 17-year-old Kendrick Johnson was discovered inside a vertical wrestling mat in the gym of Lowndes High School in Valdosta, GA. A preliminary investigation and autopsy concluded that his demise was accidental, but was it?

The Ashes to Ash team combines forces with Kendrick’s family, friends, and peers to find out the truth behind this suspicious “accident.” and investigate in real-time, the re-opening of Kendrick’s case.

Season 2

What Happened to Carolyn Blankenfeld?

Join the Ashes to Ash team as they look into a death of Carolyn Blankenfeld. Carolyn went out on a boat, for an early Mother’s Day celebration with her husband of 20 years, but Carolyn never returned. It was reported that she drown in a swimming accident, but did she?

Season 1

The Disappearance of Robert Bee, AKA Bonzai

Robert Bee, AKA Bonzai was a thirteen year old boy who went missing in Pekin, Illinois in November of 2016. His skeletal remains were found nine months later only two miles from his home. The case has never been solved. Come along with the Ashes to Ash team as we investigate the lies, myths, and truths.

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While Twitch can have some wholesome moments like viewers getting to see Pikachulita being proposed to live on her stream, the popular streaming platform can also be a hot bed for drama and controversy. With a hobby as massive as gaming, there are certainly going to be issues that arise when some of Twitch's most popular influencers get together.

Twitch Ash On Lol

This recent controversy is surrounding Rust, a prevalent survival game and its server hosted by OfflineTV, a dedicated group of content creators who focus on prank videos and vlogs, as well as gaming content. This particular server is frequently used by streamers to showcase their content, where it has recently been the source of drama following the induction of xQc, a popular streamer who Shroud predicted would cause the server to implode.

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Ash Streamer Controversy


How Old Is Ash Streamer

Valkyrae has said she is considering not inviting players to the server following conflict involving xQc and lesser know streamer, Ash_on_lol. During a session of Rust, xQc harassed Ash for not being as helpful as he expected, which caused Ash to lash back at him and demanding he be kinder to her. Unfortunately, soon after, Ash received death threats from some of xQc's fans with some even resorting to suggesting she kill herself. Since then, xQc has apologized for the incident, but the damage may be too far gone.

Drama on the Rust server & I feel responsible since i wanted to invite more. missed everything because I was streaming & my perspective was only what I saw ingame
Won’t be inviting more/new server/reset depending on if it gets worse. sry to my friends who didn’t enjoy playing :/

— (^-^)/ (@Valkyrae) December 31, 2020

Shroud has another solution with him suggesting that xQc simply be banned from the server, but whether or not the server host decides to do is that is unclear. Valkyrae has issued apologies to her friends who did not have fun while playing on the server, although she did mention that she was herself enjoying the heat and chaos of the server despite the negativity being the real heart of the issue.

Shroud isn't the only streamer who openly has issued with xQc and his etiquette. Dr Disrespect has also criticized the Quebec based streamer for playing the cartoony tower defense game Bloons.

Currently, it is up in the air whether the host will end up resetting or shutting down the server, though it's possible they may end up creating specific safe zones in the server for players looking for less dramatic gameplay. Rust is currently one of the most viewed games on Twitch, so nixing the server completely could certainly hamper streamers who rely on it for their streams.

Rust is available for PC, Mac, and Linux platforms.

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