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Issues and workarounds with ADD2 setup

Acquia dev desktop 2
  1. Cloud Developer Experience Innovation is key. Spend less time on setup and debugging and focus on the code with the only cloud-based development environment that's made for Drupal.
  2. Acquia Dev Desktopの管理コンソールで、現在制作中のサイトを選択し、 Local code をクリックすると、対象ディレクトリを直接表示できます。 ディレクトリが表示されたら、 sitesサイト名.ddfilestranslations に、以下の翻訳ファイルを保存します。.
  3. Drupal web-development. Acquia Dev Desktop (sometimes referred to as Acquia) was added by escoles in Sep 2012 and the latest update was made in Jan 2021. The list of alternatives was updated Nov 2019. It's possible to update the information on Acquia Dev Desktop or report it as discontinued, duplicated or spam.

By default, Acquia Dev Desktop uses port 8443 for HTTPS traffic instead of the standard port 443. Due to this behavior, redirects from HTTP to HTTPS based on port 443 won’t work. To have Acquia Dev Desktop use port 443, update the settings at Acquia Dev Desktop Preferences Ports. Apache and MySQL status indicators ¶.


Acquia Dev Desktop 2 does not work with CAS and may have issues with your existing Drush setup.
You may get various database connection errors when running drush commands like:



  • The CalNet team did not want to white list *.dd with their CAS test server.
  • Changing vhosts.conf and updating /etc/hosts temporarily allows you to visit SITENAME.localhost:8083/cas (need to stop/restart server), but this gets reset every time you restart ADD2 or add a new site
  • Acquia Dev Desktop 2 includes their own version of drush (defaulting to 8.0.0 as of 2/19/16) at /Applications/DevDesktop/drush/drush
  • They also set up a hidden folder at ~/username/.acquia (see /Applications/DevDesktop/drush/vendor/drush/drush/drushrc.php)
  • In ~/username/.acquia/DevDesktop/DrupalSettings, there is a file for each site (* Important: hyphens become underscores, so chancellor-ob becomes chancellor_ob)
    • Discovered by temporarily adding 'print_r($_SERVER);' to settings.php to find out the value of $_SERVER['DEVDESKTOP_DRUPAL_SETTINGS_DIR']
  • In ~/username/.acquia/DevDesktop/Drush/Aliases, ADD2 will automatically set up a aliases.drushrc.php for each ADD *.dd site, which will only be found if you use the ADD2 version of drush
  • ADD2 adds the code between the <DDSETTINGS> tags to the bottom of settings.php, and then symlinks SITENAME.dd to default (SITENAME.dd -> default). Move this to settings_after.php if pushing local code back to a Pantheon site.


If 'MySQL import failed' when importing: 'STDERR:ERROR 2005 (HY000): Unknown MySQL server host 'localhost':

  • Check `which mysql` (Add ADD2 path to .bash_profile)
  • Add ` localhost` to /etc/hosts (may need to `su` to write file)

RECOMMENDED SOLUTION #1 (if using ADD2 for local development)

1. Use the ADD2 version of drush for ADD2 local sites
If helpful, add the following to your bash aliases (feel free to use your own alias if you don't like 'adrush')

Using the ADD2 version ('adrush') of drush will automatically find your ADD2 aliases for the respective *.dd sites (they will be listed as @loc.SITENAME):

2. Do not try and fight ADD2. It's easiest to just use *.dd for your local sites.

If you want to login to your local site, use 'adrush @SITENAME uli' and then you can switch to your own CAS user via Devel Switch Users if you want.
Note: ADD2 will add/modify the following on your local site, which you may NOT want to commit to your upstream (e.g., Pantheon) site:

  • sites/default/settings.php
  • sites/sitename.dd
  • sites/sites.php

Move the ADD2 added code from settings.php to settings_local.php (see CalNet, Behat and drush on ADD2), and add the following to the site's .gitignore file:

RECOMMENDED SOLUTION 2: Follow CB's helpful write-up to set things up locally with standard drush (rather than ADD2's version) and *.localhost (required if using Behat locally):



Security: Make sure Firewall is on and blocking incoming connections

System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Firewall: Firewall should be On

Click 'Firewall Options' and make sure 'Acquia Dev Desktop Control Panel' is set to 'Block incoming connections.' (The first time you launch ADD2, you should get a “deny incoming requests” modal. Once you answer (you do want to deny), it should add it to your list in Firewall options. Otherwise, I believe you can manually hit the “+” button and navigate to the ADD2 application.)

Note: May also need to uncheck 'Automatically allow signed software to receive incoming connections'?



To use the Acquia Dev Desktop 2 version of mysql, add the following to your bash environment variables (~/.bash_profile or ~/.bashrc or appropriate env dotfile):

Reload your bash_profile.

Acquia Dev Desktop Download

If working, you should get something like the following and then do your necessary MYSQL-fu:

Otherwise, Acquia Dev Desktop 2 also comes with PhpMyAdmin, which you can access via 'More > Open database manager' in the Dev Desktop console.

If you get an error like 'Something is wrong. Process 'MySQL database server' failed to start. Port 33067 didn't open.' check your .bash_profile settings. If nothing obvious to fix (e.g., missing or incorrect PATH entries), it may be easiest to uninstall (there is an uninstaller) and re-install.

Acquia Dev Desktop 2

Running ADD1 version of MySQL

PROBLEM: Getting a notification for a new security release for ADD1 but no longer able to launch ADD1 site with ADD2:
Your site is currently configured to send these emails when any updates are
available. To get notified only for security updates,
Since old ADD1 apache server unable to run in OSX 10.11, cannot run drush:

- Could DROP entire DB if no longer using it
- If just remove code, could end up with errors in error log
1. Launch old ADD1 MySQL Database server
2. Make sure to use old ADD1 mysql version (so that the correct databases will show up)
3. Delete 'update_notify_emails' variable
1. Launch ADD1 (Apache Web Server won't start but MySQL Database server will launch):
2. From Terminal, temporarily switch to using ADD1 version of mysql:

3. Launch mysql and do necessary surgery

When finished, stop ADD1 DB server, make sure to close terminal window to avoid confusion, and restore the correct version of mysql you are using (assuming you have mysql version set in bash_profile):

Acquia Dev Desktop Drush Not Working

Acquia Dev Desktop Drush